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Tribal Truck Art is an organization that is committed to the preservation of this unique form of folk art, which has originated in Pakistan only.

Anjum Rana represents the new Pakistani woman, entrepreneurial, accomplished and creative.
An interior designer, who restores and reproduces antique furniture .

It is this discerning eye that has always made her appreciate what most people dismiss or even ridicule, or take for granted at best.
Yet ,she realized a long time ago -what anthropologists in the West have started taking notice of, the exuberant and flamboyant style of Pakistani Truck art is not only a legitimate and distinct folk art , but also represents the values and aspirations of vast majorities of Pakistanis .

Anjum Rana has made it her goal to bring this art into the mainstream, into our homes, and give it the recognition it so richly deserves.
She has worked in close association with the master craftsmen -the truck painters for the past seven years. She directs them in painting their richly textured motifs on everyday objects that are usually connected in some way with the everyday life of the truckers. Lamps, lanterns, mugs, kettles, trays, boxes, watering cans, buckets etc become collectable home accessories. The painters have a new source of income, their art - a new legitimacy.


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